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State of the Union Breakfast Bingo 2020
February 5, 2020 (Wednesday)
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Asia Society members : HK$ 200
Non-members : HK$ 350
Discount Tickets :
Other Special : HK$ 200
Special : HK$ 200
Registration at : 09:15
Event starts at : 09:30

Record breaking? History making? Earth shaking? \r\n\r\nIn what political pundits are describing as the most anticipated State of the Union speech ever and one delivered at the start of the new decade, come hear live from America’s 45th President Donald J. Trump and witness history together. Traditionally, the State of the Union Address is an annual message delivered by the President of the United States to report on the state of economic and budget affairs, as well as on future national priorities. References to foreign policy and the future policy implications for Asia will be high on the minds of the international community given today’s geopolitical undercurrents. Against this backdrop, we welcome the Hong Kong community to play a round of Word Bingo based on real-time delivery of the State of the Union address where words focused on Asia will serve as the game’s bingo checklist. \r\n\r\nIntended to be a truly global community breakfast, members from both sides of the American political aisle and citizens from all around the world are equally encouraged to come and witness history together. With plenty to digest - both in soundbites and savory bites from a breakfast buffet - join us in kicking off this electrifying election year with civic discourse and political perspectives!

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Technology and Innovation Series - Changing Winds in China’s Tech Talent Landscape
February 10, 2020 (Monday)
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Asia Society members : HK$ 600
Non-members : HK$ 750
Discount Tickets :
Stanford Club of HK : HK$ 600
Chicago Booth Alumni Club of HK : HK$ 600
AI Society HK : HK$ 600
HKSTP : HK$ 600
Cyberport : HK$ 600
Registration at : 12:15
Event starts at : 12:30

Technology talent plays an increasingly critical role in the economy. According to an IMF report, there may be a global shortage of 85 million tech workers by 2030, with a deficit of 12 million alone from China. As technology begins to underpin competitiveness across more sectors, the future of technology talent becomes even more important to foster. In the realm of artificial intelligence, China has seen its AI talent grow by ten-fold in the last decade given the Chinese government’s goal to become a world leader in artificial intelligence innovation by 2030. Already, half of the global top ten universities for training machine learning talent are in China fuelling the drive for home-grown technology talent. Against this backdrop, how is China transforming its talent pool to achieve greater acceleration in this critical area? What are the underlying trends for tech talent among China’s enterprise hiring and talent development practices? What are the qualifications being sought in tech hiring and how are these shifting? Come hear from Eugene Sun, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Zhaopin and Richard Lin, Asia Technology Practice Lead at Egon Zehnder to unpack the latest changing winds in China’s tech talent landscape today.

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Startme @ ASHK Hack-a-thon
February 12, 2020 (Wednesday)
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Asia Society members : HK$ 100
Non-members : HK$ 150
Discount Tickets :
Delegation : HK$ 0
HKUST : HK$ 100
Registration at : 18:00
Event starts at : 18:30

With rapid technological development and globalization, there are more start-ups emerging in Asia than ever, and more businesses spreading their networks throughout Asia. Asia Society Hong Kong Center is excited to partner with StartmeUpHK on an inaugural event, the STARTME@ASHK Pitch-a-Thon, which seeks to connect breakthrough ideas from international start-ups and Asia-based strategic investors to foster a more connected global start-up ecosystem.

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Imagine 2060: Delivering Tomorrow’s Cities Together - Imagine Hong Kong: In Search of New Ground
February 26, 2020 (Wednesday)
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Asia Society members : Free admission
Non-members : HK$ 200
Registration at : 16:45
Event starts at : 17:00

On a land area of just over 1100km2, Hong Kong is fueling an economy that consistently ranks as one of the world’s top three most competitive. Hong Kong’s population of more than 7.4 million translates to over 6,700 people per square kilometer, making the city one of the three most dense in the world and the second most expensive for real estate. With all the stresses that this imposes on private enterprises looking for affordable commercial space, and citizens in their quest for livability and the security of home ownership, Imagine 2060 raises a holistic discussion on how trends may reshape the role of land supply and utilization in the coming decades. Hong Kong’s next generations, growing up in an increasingly digital and open community culture nurtured by social media, could be the ones to break out of the traditional mold in terms of spatial needs and ownership aspirations. How might anticipation of a rising acceptance for co-working or co-living as well as plans to become a smart city change citizens’ needs for space, and how does Hong Kong plan for these needs looking to the future? The concluding forum of Imagine 2060 will explore the potential for Hong Kong to catalyze a new era of transformation, while capitalizing on the opportunities brought about by the development of the Greater Bay Area, and put itself at the forefront of global and regional trends, and rethink its approach to land.

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Eye on 2020: The Upcoming U.S. Presidential Election and Its Potential Impact on Asia
March 13, 2020 (Friday)
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Asia Society members : HK$ 300
Non-members : HK$ 450
Discount Tickets :
JHU Alumni : HK$ 300
Registration at : 17:00
Event starts at : 17:00

Asia Society Hong Kong Center, in partnership with Johns Hopkins SAIS, is pleased to host the 3rd iteration of the Johns Hopkins SAIS FORESIGHT and Regional Strategies Series. FORESIGHT is an annual program that convenes leaders from government, business and academia who shed light on various global geopolitical and economic challenges. As we head into 2020, the world’s attention will be on the U.S. presidential election, the result of which will likely impact Asian economies vis-à-vis trade and geopolitics. How will the outcome of the presidential race affect U.S.-China relations? What political and economic changes and risks will it bring to Asia? Join us for an evening of thought-provoking debate on the upcoming U.S. presidential race and its potential impact on the Asia-Pacific region.

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Business & Policy
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