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Money Games: The Inside Story of How American Dealmakers Saved Korea's Most Iconic Bank
November 5, 2020 (Thursday)
Venue: Webcast Only

Asia Society members : HK$ 300
Registration at : 10:00
Event starts at : 10:00

Money Games is a compelling tale of one of the most successful buyout deals ever. Dr. Weijian Shan, celebrated author and private equity investor, gives the insider’s account as the chief architect of this deal. Readers are taken through intrigue and suspense at every turn as they learn of the events leading to the acquisition and turnaround of what used to be Korea’s largest bank by the American firm, Newbridge Capital. With billions of dollars at stake, and the nation\'s economic future on the line, Newbridge Capital became the first foreign firm in history to take control of one of Korea’s most beloved financial institutions. In a conversation with Pete Sweeney, Asia Economics Editor at Thomson Reuters and the writer of the foreword to this book, Dr. Shan will share the captivating tale of how this high-stakes deal transformed into a massively profitable investment—and the legacy it left behind.\r\n\r\nThis program will be split into the two parts below:\r\n\r\nThe main event from 10:00 to 11:00 AM HKT is a free public webinar available on Facebook & YouTube (no registration required).\r\n\r\nThe second part of this program is immediately after the public webinar from 11:00 to 11:30 AM HKT. This will be a ticketed private off-the-record virtual meet-and-greet with Weijian Shan on Zoom only (limited spaces available - first come, first serve!). All registrants will be sent the Zoom information to watch directly on Zoom at 10:00 AM and remain in the chat until 11:30 AM for the private session. All attendees will be promoted to panelists to be able to share their audio and video. This private session will be for members only and priced at $300, which includes a signed copy of the book delivered to you.

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