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A Tale of a Curator and a Collector: The Ross-Coomaraswamy Bond   Oct 05 2016 (Wed)
Pratapaditya Pal discusses the Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Collection of Indian art.
Venue : Asia Society Hong Kong Center  
  • $200 Asia Society members; $300 Non-members
  • Registration at: 18:30
  • Event starts at:
Arts Education Symposium (HKAC)   Oct 06 2016 (Thu)
The symposium examines the role of the arts in contemporary society.
Venue : Asia Society Hong Kong Center  
  • Members Only. Free Admission.
  • Registration at: 09:15
  • Event starts at:
The Arts, the Humanities, and the Science of Well-Being: Toward a Culture of Human Flourishing   Oct 08 2016 (Sat)
James O. Pawelski talks about the nascent field of the positive humanities, which calls for an explicit emphasis on well-being to balance current approaches in literature, music, art, movies, philosophy, history, religion and other cultural domains.
Venue : Asia Society Hong Kong Center  
  • $100 Asia Society Members / UPenn alumni; $150 Non-Members; Students Free
  • Registration at: 14:30
  • Event starts at:

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